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PostSubject: RULES AND REGULATIONS *Must Read   Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:58 pm

Quote :

*DO NOT CLICK ADD when someone is joining our group, wait for our officers to confirm and accept it. Every person who will join needs a screening first. so for members, if you see a pending requests, just leave it.

*NO POSTING OF ANY ISSUE/s regarding issue or problem in other clayists/crafters or co-members,

If you have issue with other members/clayist, you have two options:

First, try to approach the person you have problems in calmly manner so maybe you can fix your problem.
or Second, Look for advices from your officers/admin and also to your co-members via PM/message.

*Regarding Ages, it's not a big deal, as long as you meet and fit the requirements of this group, like you are a clay seller/hobbyist.

*and PLEASE DO LIMIT your ADS. Ads/Posting your sale items/destash is definitely okay, but please limit your posts. If you want to post more about your ads/sale, feel free to post in our page CLAY FINDS >>> https://www.facebook.com/clayfinds

-This rules has been formulated so each one of us learn to respect, and have some privacy as well, so that our group is not like an issue builder/issue guessing as well.

Once we post, or post a topic, be responsible to your post, you can post what you wanted to say or comment your own point of view, but please remember this, as a friend / member of this Group/Guild, 'what you post here, what you read here, what topic we will have here, and any comment you will post or share here, Just LEAVE and KEEP it here, and so that we can not create an argument to others, or it simply means, do your part as a member or as a real friend.

Also, we just wanted to remind everyone in here, that we create this group, to build a friendships, to share experience related to clay or not, and have some bond, even ups and downs. That's why we wanted to make our group flows smoothly and bubbly. We are hoping for understanding and patience as well.

Thank you,
Officers and Admin


(For you to join on this Group)

*with HOBBY / BUSINESS related to clay arts.
*Must RESPECT & LOVE each individual product/s, work/s, and creation/s.
*No Foul/Bad Language allowed.
*Share knowledge, experience & happiness.
*NO Arguing/ Controversy/ Issues.
(if you have any issues, on your co-members, confront him/her in a calm manner / you can find an advise to your Admins/Members)
*For COPY CAT issues; Please DO NOT COPY/PIRATE your members/friends creation, unless you have PERMISSION to him/her.
*Be responsible on your mistakes/faults.
*Have limits on ADS, do not abuse it too much.
*NO PLASTIC allowed! just be yourself but still with respect manner.
*NO multiple TAGGING of pictures. (unless you have permission to do that.)
*And most importantly, ALWAYS SMILE.

---If you meet and agree above all rules, YOU are always BELONG to this group. Smile

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